• YEAR:



    Azzurra De Gregorio

  • PHOTO:

    Kaczmarski Ágnes, Mészáros Zsolt

Producer: Weöres Sándor Színház
actors in video : Antal D. Csaba, Jámbor Nándor, Papp-Ionescu Dóra, Szabó Róbert Endre
Video/foto: Kaczmarski Ágnes
prop maker: Viszlay Zoltán Fülöp
Sound/audio: Simon Ottó

Apparatus: a project by Azzurra De Gregorio

Most vocabularies agree in the definition of the word apparatus which can therefore indicate:
1 the technical equipment or machinery needed for a particular activity or purpose;
2 the complex structure of a particular organization or system.
In this specific context the same word is used to give a title to an investigation about the way how institutions build and represent their power using symbols, objects, gestures, rituals and especially bodies.

This research is indeed a reflection upon the apparatus that authorities (medical, military, judicial and religious) use in order to represent and to embody themselves trough codified processes and procedures.
It is also a physical and conceptual research on the mechanisms that guide social life and human interactions.