Azzurra De Gregorio was born in Termoli (CB) in 1985. She began her career as an actress and then extended her research in the field of performing art and visual art, driven by the need to experiment a hybrid and nomadic artistic path that bases its expressive code on the absence of definitions. Her work, in addition to investigate the relationship between the actor / performer and the public, explores the bonds that connect theater, performance and visual art.

Her research, characterized by constant references to ancient painting, symbolism, mythology and sacred art, aims to create immersive and evocative experiences that arise from the combination and interaction of music, scenes, gestures, lights, movements, costumes and new technologies.

Her production, that includes theatrical plays, performances, site specific and photographic projects, has been presented in several contexts: Romaeuropa Festival (2017), Stoff/ Stockholm Festival (2016), Napoli Teatro Festival (2015) , Mediterranea 17/Young Artists Biennale (2015), Weores Sandor National Hungarian Theatre (2019), Apache- Teatro Litta Milano (2016), Festival of Juventudes Interartes of Salvador De Bahia-Brazil (2019), Night With Performance Festival (Poland), Poietika Art Festival (2021), About The Future festival 2021), Dansathon Liege (2021), Ministry of Culture of Montenegro-3c Project (2022), Reiefestival-Bruges(2023). In 2019 as she was awarded the scholarship of European Theatre Convention (ETC) as European Emerging Artist and she started her collaboration with Weores Sandor National Theatre (Szombathely- Hungary).


2013  Master Degree in Science of Public, Business and Advertising Communication, Unimol, Campobasso, with a thesis in Philosophy of Social Sciences and Communication entitled Beyond the man. Contaminations and trespassing in non human alterity.

2011 Degree in Science of Communication at Unimol, Campobasso (voto 110L) with a thesis in political philosophy entitled Theatre as political gesture.

Erasmus Project at Artes Escenicas department, Universidad Antonio de Nebrija, Madrid.

2006 Diploma for professional actors at International Acting School, Rome, directed by Giorgina Cantalini.


2023 Georgian Showcase, organized by Tblisi International Festival of Theatre, Tblisi, Georgia.

2022 3CProject Cultural Mobility Workshop funded by the European Union in collaboration with the Ministery of Culture of Montenegro, Old Prison of Kotor, Montenegro.

2021 Dansathon Initiated by BNP Paribas Foundation, co-organised and developed in partnership with three major Dance Institutions : La Maison de la Danse de Lyon (France), Sadler’s Wells (UK), Théâtre de Liège (Belgium).

2020 Kinono art Gathering, four elements plus one, Tinos Island Greece, supported by Neon Art Greece.

2019 Next Generation, La Mama Umbria International- Spoleto in collaboration with Centro Teatrale Umbro- Gubbio and La Mama New York.

2019 ETC International Theatre Conference, Staatsschauspiel Dresden (Germany).

2019 ETC Residency Program, Weores Sandor National Theatre, Szombathely, Hungary.

2018 Kulturfactory contemporary art residency, Domicella, Napoli.

2018 Trans-borders, La Vilella Theatre, Barcelona .

2017 Apache4, Teatro Litta, Milano.

2016 Iodiolestate, Carrozzerie|n.o.t, Roma.



2023 P.g.r. Pro Gratia Recepta, Reiefestival, Bruges, with the support of Erfgoedcel Brugge, CC Brugge and Musea Brugge.

2019 Apparatus, production Weores Sandor National Theatre, Szombathely in collaboration with ETC European Theatre Convention.

2016 De Rerum Natura, production Carrozzerie |n.o.t, Roma in collaboration with Apache. Teatro Litta, Milano

2015 Ex-stasis, production Frentania Teatri in collaboration with Fondazione Campania dei Festival/Napoli Teatro Festival.

2015 The Sick Rose, production Frentania Teatri.

2014 Madre, production Frentania Teatri.


2012 Le Troiane directed by Giuseppe Emiliani.

2010 Deadly sins directed by Simona Lisi and Isabella Carloni.

2010 Sueno de una noche de Verano directed by Nieves Olcoz.

2010 Hamletmaschine directed by Francisco Otero Garcia.

2009 Il sonno di Macbeth written by Gian Ruggero Manzoni, directed by Nicola Macolino.

2009 Feral Choir directed by Phil Minton, Santarcangelo dei Teatri 2009.

2007 Vexilla regis prodeunt inferni directed by Romeo Castellucci (Societas Raffaello Sanzio).

2007 Mostellaria from Plauto, directed by Beppe Arena.

2007 Il figlio della morta from A. Dumas, directed by Nicola Macolino.

2006 Il gioco delle parti from L. Pirandello, directed by Giorgina Cantalini.

2006 La casa di Bernarda Alba from F. Garcia Lorca, choreography and direction by Giovanna Summo.

2005 Omaggio ad Andy Warhol choreography and direction by Giovanna Summo and Ian Sutton.

2005 Quando incontraci potrem Sorelle? from W. Shakespeare, directed by Francesco Randazzo.

2004 E.V.N.I. from P.Greenaway, directed by Nicola Macolino.

2004 TangoSogno from J.L. Borges, directed by Nicola Macolino.

2003 Salomè from O. Willde, directed by Nicola Macolino

Director assistant/Coordination

2019 Terrorismus, directed by Luca Cortina, produced by Weores Sandor National Theatre, Szombathely Hungary in collaboration with ETC Europen Theatre Convention

2012 Strange and Unproductive Thinking with Abraxas Lab students

2011 (Ed)Ipovisione with Abraxas Lab students

2009 Schegge di Futurismo with Liceo Artistico B. Jacovitti students

2008 Marat-Sade with Liceo Artistico B. Jacovitti students



2016 De rerum natura

2011 Virgen


2013 Martyrion-Sancta Lucia, directed by Giandomenico Sale

2011 El burro Andaluz directed, by Francisco Otero Garcia e Marcos Valdés Garrido

2008 Alla ricerca delle terre dimenticate, directed by Giuseppe De Vita


2022 Visualcontainertv Online Videoart Platform

2021 About the future festival, video art screening curated by Tommaso Evangelista, Ex-gil Campobasso, Fondazione Molise Cultura

2020 Tino Art Gathering, curated by Kinono Art Gathering, Sikia Garden, Tinos Island, Greece

2018 Comedovequandoperché, curated by Lorenzo Canova e Piernicola Maria Di Iorio, Galleria Aratro,Università degli Studi del Molise,  Campobasso

2017 The F Word, curated by the students of the Master in Arts Management IED, Carrozzerie n.o.t, Roma

2016 Global Migration, Video art Festival curated by Associazione Festarte, Roma

2016 RAW- Rome Art Week, Galleria Massenzio Arte, Roma

2016 Nature Variabili, curated by Giusi Diana and Giuseppe Frazzetto, Convento Santa Maria della Croce, Scicli RG

2016 Exhibited frequency, curated by Tommaso Evangelista, Isernia, historical center

2015 Mediterranea 17 Young Artists Biennale, curated by Andrea Bruciati, La Fabbrica di Vapore, Milano

2015 Nights with performance Galeria Miejska bwa, Bydgoszcz, Poland

2011 Art linking project, curated by Silvia Valente, Galleria Limiti inchiusi, Campobasso

2010 Art shake festival, curated by Emanuela De Notariis and Fabio Campagna,@91 mq Art Project Space, Berlin

2010 Art shake festival, curated by Emanuela De Notariis, galleries: Mondo Bizzarro, Hybrida Contemporanea, Traghetto, Roma

2010 Nights of performance, Galeria Miejska bwa, Bydgoszcz, Poland

2009 fuori luogo 14, curated by Emanuela De Notariis, galleria Limiti inchiusi, Campobasso

2008 Artshake Festival, curated by Emanuela De Notariis, Galleria Civica, Termoli CB


2021  Poietika art Festival, workshop Macchine Umane , Ex-Gil, Campobasso.

2018 Progetto tchau, Salvador De Bahia, Brazil.

2014 From the image to the gesture, Contesti Festival, Carinola, Napoli.

2010-2013 Founder and teacher of the Abraxas Lab/performing art school, Campobasso.