Arts festival on and around the canals


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Fourteen national and    international makers and    artists created shows in   keeping with Bruges’ status as  a World Heritage site. Each  maker tackled the theme of “Faith” in order to make their own personal interpretation. From 18 to 20 August, you will discover how their ideas have been transformed into theatre, dance, art performances, music and more at various locations along the Bruges canals.

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WORKSHOP Azzurra De Gregorio

During this participatory project, Azzurra De Gregorio explores the magic     and rituals behind faith as well as the role of ex-votos together with the    public. Participants make their own ex-votos, with inspiration drawn from different countries and historical periods, and experience new forms of hybrid and shared rituals.

With the support of Erfgoedcel Brugge, CC Brugge and Musea Brugge


  PROCESSION Azzurra De Gregorio

P.G.R. is for all visitors to the Reiefestival who would like to thank someone   or something for granting their wishes. The ex-votos made during the workshop will be offered to a mysterious figure during a boat procession, who will then perform a ritual on the water.

With the support of Erfgoedcel Brugge, CC Brugge and Musea Brugge


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